What happens to the scrap metal after it is brought in to one of our depots? What do we do with it? These are a few of the questions that we get asked at our yards. The simple answer is “We frag it”.

Let’s take scrap light iron for an example. What is going to make this large stockpile of light iron into a reusable material? We invest in the most advanced plant and equipment, which means we’re able to process scrap metal more effectively and process it into a more valuable product that is one step closer to being made into something new for consumers.

We have just invested in a new Hammer Mill frag machine that we use for shredding material down to an optimum size which means we can produce a high-quality product. During the fragging process, it also allows us to re-capture materials which would otherwise be difficult to divert from landfill.

During the shredding of light iron extensive amounts of non-ferrous metal fragments, plastics, foam, glass, aggregates, wood, textiles, rubber, and electrical components are removed and themselves further recycled. Numerous magnets, shakers, and belts are used to separate the different materials and deposit them into their own stockpiles. All this happens in a completely dust free environment thanks to the machines very impressive dust extraction system. Using water and a vast amount of vacuum power to keep the air around the processing plant free of dust particles.

By investing in modern and efficient equipment we will help to reduce the energy used in processing metal and to help reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill.

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