We accept a few kilograms or a few hundred tonnes

We welcome all types of customer, however you collect your scrap.

We treat all our customers the same, regardless of the quantity of scrap metal they have to sell. Whether you wish to set up a contractor account, have us drop off a skip, or just want to bring in some scrap metal that you have cleared out from your garage, we will ensure you get the same superb level of service that we take pride in.

  • Demolition contractors

  • Construction companies

  • Manufacturers

  • Local collectors (man-in-a-van)

  • Domestic customers

  • This list is not exhaustive – please contact us to discuss your scrap metal needs!

Our machinery can take scrap wiring and turn it into granules of 99.9% clean copper or aluminium

Our machinery can take scrap wiring and turn it into granules of 99.9% clean copper or aluminium

At LCM Scrap Company Ltd, we accept scrap metal from members of the public, commercial clients, and other local scrap metal collectors in London and throughout the home counties.

Whether you have several hundred tonnes or are just clearing out your garage at home, you will receive the same treatment from our polite and helpful staff.

We offer a quick, same-day payment service for all sales, and can even offer payments via a prepaid bank card which can then be taken to any local cash machine.

Commercial customers

We can offer a bespoke service to ensure you get the most from the scrap metal you are producing. Do you have a large demolition or construction project that is going to return some scrap metals? We are more than happy to visit your site and help you assess the quantity and the types of scrap you have on site, and the logistics of removing it.

Local collectors

If you are a local collector of scrap metal and need a quick sale to get you back out on the road, LCM is the scrap metal company for you. Our multilingual staff are friendly and helpful, and we also offer some of the best prices around London.

Private sellers

Are you looking to make some extra money towards your summer holiday, a deposit for a house, or even a new car? You may be surprised at how much scrap metal you can find around your home! Old bikes, lawnmowers, and plumbing fittings are just a few of the items that can bring in some extra income. If you are unsure about what type of scrap metal you may have, please take a picture and email it to us or post it on our social media sites – we will be more than happy to help you.

For a free valuation, call 0207 511 7294 or email