This Bank Holiday weekend why not have a sort through your garden shed, loft, garage or back of the garden and have a look around for some scrap metal. There could be some valuable junk taking up space that you could exchange for some money. This money could be put towards something for the family like a meal out or even put it toward the summer holiday.

Here is a list of some of the items that you could have lying around that you exchange for some extra money for something nice. If you are unsure about whether your item has any value, please give us a call and one of the team will let you know if it has any scrap value.


  • Bicycles – Older bikes have iron frames but some of the newer more expensive types have aluminum frames. You can check by running a magnet over it. If it sticks it’s iron. If not then it is likely aluminum.
  • Racking – Got some old racking or shelving in your garage or shed? It’s likely to be iron. Run a magnet over it to check.
  • Plumbing Scraps – Being doing a bit of DIY plumbing? copper pipe and brass fittings are all non-ferrous metals and have a better value than iron. Hot water tanks are usually copper too. To earn more money from your tank strip all the insulation off before bringing the tank into our yard.
  • Electrical Wires – If you come across any electric wires when having a clear out there is a strong chance that they contain copper. Thicker cables can be stripped of the plastic casing so that only the copper wire is left. Thinner wires are not worth stripping. just make sure that there are no plastic clips or junction boxes on them before you bring them in.
  • Metal Tools – If you are clearing out a shed you are likely to find a bunch of old tools. Shovels, hammers, pickaxe heads, spanners, etc. are all iron and quite heavy too. If they have plastic or wooden handles remove these before you bring them in for the best prices.
  • Lawnmowers – Got an old lawnmower in your possession? the older lawnmowers are big heavy things and likely to be mostly iron.


These are just some of the things that you can come across at home or when clearing out your work during this bank Holiday or at any time. Get them into any of our three London locations and we can give you the same day payment.

If you have a large amount of scrap metal to sell we may be able to have it collected from you. Please call us to find out if your amount of scrap metal is eligible for collection.

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