Perfectly Located Throughout London & Next to London City Airport

Perfectly Located Next to London City Airport

We have a wide customer base, from members of the public to blue chip PLCs. We either collect scrap or you can deliver to our works, close to the London City Airport. The metal is:

  • Sorted by hand into different types and grades

  • Electronically weighed

  • Either pressed into bales or palletised

  • Or sheared into bins

  • Other types of scrap such as wire cable is set aside for processing on site

Other types of scrap such as wire cable is set aside for processing on site

Preparing The Material for UK Re-sale or Exporting to India, China & Across the Globe

The scrap is then ready for re-sale in the UK or worldwide and we frequently export metal to China, India and Bangladesh. By using shears and balers we can compress our scrap and make it denser. This makes our haulage system more efficient as we can get a greater quantity of scrap on to each load. It also makes the scrap metal suitable for the furnace or foundry.

We’re proud our industry plays a key role in reducing carbon emissions and limiting environmental impact by recycling one of the world’s most important natural mineral resources. According to the British Metals Recycling Association, 10 million tonnes of metal was recycled last year in the UK and EU figures indicate using recycled steel to make new steel reduces air pollution by 86 percent, water use by 40 percent and water pollution by 76 percent.

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